TeTus Lab Staff (ENG)

Laboratory TeTus Lab, Territory, Tourism and Sustainability

The laboratory Lapės (founded in 2005) evolves its own fields of research and intervention and becomes Laboratory of Territory, Tourism and Sustainability with a new acronym, TeTuS Lab. The lab of Territory, Tourism and Sustainability (TeTus Lab), is a structure of research, a think tank, committed in study and education about sustainable tourism and niche tourism as well as economic-territorial and socio-cultural change of contemporary society. TeTus Lab works on local, national and international range, connecting in-depth theatrical analysis, empirical survey and cartographic processing of data. TeTus Lab intends itself as a place of discussion, trial and research in communication with related learnings and knowledges in common research fields (anthropology, psychology, intercultural and social pedagogy as well as environmental education and ethics).

Scientific Referents: prof.ssa Nicoletta Varani (Full professor), Prof.ssa Antonella Primi(Associate professor)

Professors and researchers:

Prof. Amoretti Guido, Head of Department DISFOR

Prof. Bochicchio Franco , DISFOR

Prof. Manti Franco, DAFIST

Prof.ssa  Marina Marengo – Università di Arezzo – Dip. Scienze della Formazione, Scienze Umane e della Comunicazione Interculturale

Prof. Matricardi  Giorgio, DISFOR

Dott. Bernardini Enrico,  Anthropologist

Dott. De Andreis Simone, PhD student DISFOR

Dott. De Boni Federico, Adjunct Professor DISFOR

Dott.ssa Moscatelli Chiara, Research Grant Recipient DISFOR

Dott.ssa Diana Spulber, PhD in Psychology, Anthropology and Cognitive Sciences; Research Grant Recipient DISFOR.

Dott.ssa Debora Devcich, Didactic Manager DISFOR

Dott.ssa Rotta Alessandra, Architect

Dott. Schiavetta Marco, PhD student DISFOR

Dott.ssa Tagliati Sara, Research Grant Recipient, Università Cattolica Milano