Mission (ENG)

TeTuSLab was born at the end of 2016 as an evolution of the previous study group called Permanent Laboratory on Sustainability (Lapės). The scientific referent is Nicoletta Varani, full Professor of Geography at the Department of Education -DISFOR – University of Genoa.
The improvement comes as a result of an evolution of laboratory’s interest, that expands the study of the territory in a touristic, environmental and ethics key. New think-tank’s objective is to study in depth these issues using a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary approach, where glue is geography:in fact it’s considered the cooperation and collaboration with ethics, pedagogy, psychology and anthropology, for dealing with a study of the phenomena from the perspective of complexity.
Inside there are experts from multiple disciplines who, in various ways, work together with DiSFor, demonstrating that it is possible to find points of comparison between different disciplines.
It is addressed to public and private autorities, and, in general, to all those which desire having statistics and theoretical information on tourism,environment and territory, also through training courses. It is also open to collaboration with schools, with educational projects for environment and sustainability.
Finally, TetusLab is guided by the values of objectivity and communicative transparency, as well as by a strong critical spirit and constant self-analysis, in order to obtain always better results.