TeTus Lab Activities (ENG)

• Systematic and rational acquisition of regional, national and international statistics, using statistical sources accredited about topics such as:
– Sustainability (and various geo-socio-economic indicators);
– Environment;
– Tourism;
– Migrations and human rights;
– Interculture.
• Development of thematic and specific databases and / or attributed to specific local realities and the development of “futuristic” framework in the short and medium term.
• The involvement of stakeholders actors and / or protagonists of research’s thematic.
• Realisation of surveys at regional and national level about important subjects such as environmental education, environmental ethics, sustainable tourism, interculture and migration.
• Planning / participation to European calls
• Planning and realisation of training courses:
– about environmental education;
– about migration and intercultural processes, in particular for schools and teachers;
– about development and communication of territory in tourist industry (in particularly for tour operators, local institutions …).
• Scientific publications that reveal an analytical framework on phenomena / processes object of laboratory’s research, understood as means of information and dissemination of best practices.